Seth MacFarlane is

Max Chilblain

Seth MacFarlane brings an ENERGY you've never seen before to Steven Soderbergh's upcoming film Logan Lucky. Even his die-hard fans have only just started recognizing him in his outlandish role as 'Max Chilblain,' the ego-fueled entrepreneur and insufferable sponsor of one of NASCAR's drivers. MacFarlane stars alongside Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig in the film about two brothers who plan a crime during the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race. We think it's fair to say his performance is one of the highlights of Logan Lucky, most notably for the unrecognizable transformation he makes from real-life dapper song-styling MacFarlane to the bad-hair obnoxious mustachio, Max Chilblain.

Once you've gotten over the shock of his physical transformation, it's not surprising that Seth MacFarlane has invented such a hilarious and memorable character. MacFarlane possesses talents that encompass every aspect of the entertainment industry.  He has created some of the most popular content on television and film today while also expanding his career in the worlds of music, literature and philanthropy. His writing and vocal talents on his emmy-award winning animated series Family Guy has kept us in stitches for fifteen seasons and going strong.

He's cocky. He's filthy rich. He's British? And so much more. You can catch the full glory of Seth's performance as Max Chilblain when Logan Lucky hits theaters August 18. In the meantime, enjoy this parody performance of Max Chilblain as the spokesperson for the fictional energy drink To The Max Energy, a product intended for one thing and one thing only: driving really really fast.

Oh, and for the Sebastian Stan fans out there, watch closely!